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As a new parent, childproofing your home can seem overwhelming and expensive. In honor of Child Safety Month, (248) 477-3626 is bringing you 10 easy childproofing hacks to save you both time and money. The two things parents can use the most!

Baby Proofing Hacks

Every parent knows there are certain places in your home that need childproofing to keep the little ones out of harm’s way. What every parent may not know is how to childproof quickly and easily using common household items. Whether you are a well-seasoned parent or new to the game, these 10 DIY solutions below are sure to make your life easier and your child safer.

Tips for child-proofing your house:

  • Corner guards for sharp corners –
  • Sharp corners on coffee tables, counters, or fireplaces can be a danger to small heads. Just imagine how bad it hurts when we bump our leg or hip into one! Corner guards that are translucent or match furniture can be purchased from many retailers. For a quick and easy fix, cut pool noodles to the specific measurements you need. Then, slice them down the middle so the pieces fit snugly. Pool noodles are also a great fix for awkwardly shaped furniture that traditional corner guards won’t fit.

  • Fridge door lock – Both adults and children always seem to go straight for the fridge! Prevent curious little ones from getting into the fridge by using two 3M hooks and a rubber band or hair tie to lock them together.
  • Cabinet door locks – Baby proofing 101 entails putting all medicines, chemicals, cleaning products and anything else you do not want kids to have access to in a locked cabinet, out of reach. Placing cookie cutters over knobs and tying them together with a hair elastic or a rubber band is an easy fix to prevent them from opening cabinet doors. If your cabinets have handles instead of knobs, try using dog collars threaded through both handles to secure the doors shut.
  • Safely store cleaning supplies and other harsh chemicals out of reach – Ideally all toxic/dangerous supplies should be stored and locked in the top cabinets. Depending on how much storage space you have in your house, this isn’t always possible. For cleaning supplies, dog food, pet supplies or anything else you don’t want your little one getting into, store them in plastic containers inside of the locked cabinet to keep them safely out of reach.
  • Doorknob locks – Keep kids from opening doors and going to off limits places, such as garages and offices, by using small Tupperware containers over the doorknob. Just cut out one hole in the middle and a slit in one side of the lid. Then, slide it over the doorknob and screw on the bottom of the Tupperware. Their softer, round surface doubles as a doorknob lock and a protector from painful run-ins with doorknobs.
  • Power Bar and Cord Safety – To easily keep power bars and their cords out of reach, use a plastic container to house them. Simply cut a hole in one end large enough for all the necessary cords to come out of the power bar and thread through. Voilá, a baby proofed power bar!
  • Door guards – Pool noodles are so useful for baby proofing! Use one of these to prevent little fingers from getting caught in closing doors. Cut 10-12 inches of a pool noodle to use as a door guard. Make one lengthwise cut from the outside to the inner hollowed-out circle. Then, make another lengthwise cut down the middle. Cut enough out of the middle of the noodle so that it snugly fits over the door.
  • Drawer locks- Toddlers and small children are very curious about closed drawers. Not to mention, they make great climbing equipment for small humans. Keep drawers locked with a meter stick running through all the handles, down to the floor.
  • Bath time – Place a laundry basket in the bath tub and then set Junior in it. It’s a great bath time solution to prevent babies from slipping, plus, their toys won’t float away.
  • Toddler bed guard – Pool noodles for the win again! Use a pool noodle under a fitted sheet to help keep the little ones from falling out of their beds at night. They are low and soft enough that they can easily get into the bed themselves and big enough to keep them from falling out of it at night.

Being a parent is tough. If these DIY hacks can help you sleep just a little more soundly knowing your little one is safe, then it’s worth it. When it comes to family, they can never be too safe. Let AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical help make sure your home is safe and secure for you and your family with our Annual Home Safety and Maintenance Plan.

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