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November 18

Steps To Child Proofing Electrical Outlets

If you have young children in your family or often have kids visiting your home, it is essential that you make sure any electrical outlets… View Article Read More

10 Benefits of Having a Backup Home Generator
October 12

10 Benefits of Having a Backup Home Generator

Like most people, you’ve probably built a life of convenience by accumulating electronics, devices, and appliances that run on electricity and complete tasks or solve… View Article Read More

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March 10

Causes of Power Outages in the Home and What To Do About Them

Most homeowners have experienced a power outage before, but do you know what actually causes them? It’s not always just a lightning bolt! Likewise, did… View Article Read More

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February 25

Everything You Need to Perform Whole-Home Electrification

Nearly everything you do in your home consumes energy. Daily tasks like drying clothes, cooking, and heating your home consume energy. Most homes throughout the… View Article Read More

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February 14

Common Causes of House Fires and How To Prevent Them

House fires can be absolutely devastating, leaving families feeling helpless. There are serious consequences of house fires. Having a working smoke alarm reduces one’s chances… View Article Read More

Surge Protection in Farmington Hills, MI
February 1

Are Electrical Surge Protectors a Worthy Investment?

Power surges can cause significant damage to your electronic devices and appliances, resulting in costly repairs and replacements. Many people turn to surge protectors to… View Article Read More

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January 23

How a Backup Generator Keeps the Power on During a Blackout

A backup generator can be a great addition to your home. Having your power suddenly go out can cause chaos and a headache. It usually… View Article Read More

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December 10

How To Size a Home Generator?

How To Know What Size of Whole-home Generator You Need Standby or whole-home generators can be a huge help by ensuring that your home will… View Article Read More

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November 1

Benefits of Investing In a Whole Home Surge Protector

Benefits of Installing a Whole-home Surge Protection System Your home experiences power surges more often than you think. These dangerous bursts of energy can harm… View Article Read More

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October 13

7 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Electrical Panel for Tough Michigan Winters

Winters in Farmington Hills, Michigan are tough. For residents, there’s no other time of the year when having access to a reliable supply of electricity… View Article Read More