By AJ Danboise
A clogged or leaky toilet is, unfortunately, a familiar occurrence for many homeowners. Below, we describe the toilet problems that happen most frequently, along with some possible fixes.

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A clog is probably the most common toilet problem, as well as one of the most inconvenient.

Many clogs can be solved with the help of a simple plunger, which you probably already have in your home. For clogs that are more difficult to resolve, you may need to head to your local hardware store and purchase a plumbing snake, or toilet auger. Snakes can reach far into the drain and loosen the clog and are generally more effective than a plunger.

Weak Flushing

A slow-flushing toilet is an issue that should be addressed right away, because it can lead to other problems such as clogs. Clogs can also be the cause of weak flushing, usually in the holes under the rim. This may be fixable by using wire to clean this area of the toilet.

Water Leaking into the Bowl or Tank

You’ve more than likely experienced this common issue: You’re sitting in your quiet home, when all of a sudden, you hear the toilet start running for seemingly no reason. It is making the same noises it makes after flushing, but hasn’t recently been flushed.

What causes this? Generally, a leak in the bowl or tank is the culprit here. This can be the result of faulty parts in the toilet, and it can be an indication that something needs to be replaced.

Other Leaks

The constant water flow in a toilet makes it susceptible to leaks. In addition to bowl and tank leaks, toilets have a number of seals that have the potential to leak if they are not properly secured or need replacing. This issue can arise if the toilet was not properly installed, but can also be the result of normal wear-and-tear.

Seal leaks can cause water to run onto your bathroom floor and eventually damage the flooring if the leak goes unaddressed. Seal replacement often requires major repairs that involve removing parts of the toilet, or the entire thing. A project such as this should be completed by a plumber.

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We’ve offered some solutions for common toilet problems above, but sometimes, the help of a professional plumber is the only solution.

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