By AJ Danboise

With summer becoming a faint memory as the weather begins to cool off, it’s time to get your home ready for the upcoming fall season with a few simple chores around the house! The experts at AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical have put together some essential tips for preparing for the autumn chill.

Clean Your Gutters

Have all your leaves fallen and left your trees bare? If that is the case, it is time to head out and get those gutters cleaned before the winter season hits! Clogged gutters can cause water and ice to gather which can cause potential damage to your roof or the siding of your home. Avoid the what-ifs and get them cleaned out!

Rake It Up

With all those extra leaves cluttering your lawns, it is about time you bust out that handy-dandy rake and get them cleaned up. By leaving these leaves on the ground during the winter season, you can inhibit spring growth for your lawn.

Seal Up Open Gaps

During the winter, many outdoor critters are looking for a warm place to take shelter from the cold. Avoid those pesky critters from making your home theirs by sealing up any open gaps. If it looks like a place they can enter – it is probably best for you to just seal it up.

Store Garden Hoses

During the winter, don’t forget to remove your garden hoses and make sure they are properly stored away. You shouldn’t leave them on because water can freeze and expand causing the pipes or faucet to break – which would result in a major plumbing disaster. Lastly, you should also turn off the shut-off valves to prevent a potential expensive lawn sprinkler system repair. Consider this step a preventative investment for not only your pockets but also your lawn!

Give Your Furnace a Check

Getting your furnace checked and tuned up should be at the top of your agenda for the winter season. Your furnace is the headquarters for keeping your family warm throughout the wintry weather months, so it is important to get maintenance performed on it while the weather is warmer outside. A fully functioning furnace will ensure maximum heat output all winter long. Another benefit is that your furnace will be running at its best and most efficient levels. This can help save on your utility bills each month.


Your fireplace is often neglected during the warmer months, so you may forget to give it a once over before firing it up this winter. Check your chimney for any buildup so that you can get it cleaned out. If you see any obstructions, make sure to remove those as well. Any cracks in your brick or mortar should also be fixed beforehand.

Be sure to schedule an appointment for one of our professional technicians to come out and inspect your HVAC system. We can check your furnace and heating to make sure you are prepared for the fall and winter months. Our experts will also check your fireplace and make sure it is cleaned out and ready for the colder season. Contact AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical at (248) 477-3626 and give your HVAC unit some TLC before the winter leaves you in a tough situation!

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