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A clogged or slow drain is an extremely common household woe that can occur in all of the drains in your house and probably has. A drain clog can be due to an obstruction caused by an item that shouldn’t have been present in the drain in the first place, but normal use of the sink can also cause a drain to slow down as everyday debris builds up over time.

Depending on the scale of the drain clog, you may be able to clean out the drain and remedy the clog on your own. For more intense clogs, your drains may require the attention of a plumber.

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Slow drains can occur as, over time, the use of your shower, toilet, and sinks contribute to the accumulation of dirt, soap scum, skin, and hair in your drains. To be proactive about this everyday clog buildup, invest in drain nets that catch sink debris, or just be sure to frequently clean your drains.

Your drains can become seriously clogged when people attempt to flush items or discard food in a kitchen sink garbage disposal. Feminine hygiene products and wipes should not be flushed down the toilet. Garbage disposals are meant to pulverize and get rid of food products, but certain things like cooking oils can clog the drain when they stick to the inside of the pipes. Kitchen sinks that are not equipped with a garbage disposal mechanism should never be used to get rid of food — even seemingly small items like rice or chopped vegetables can get stuck in your drain and cause a clog. When it comes to disposing of items, it is almost always a better option to choose a trash can over a drain.

Removing and cleaning your drain covers can help with a slow drain. For more severe clogs, plungers, drain snakes, and/or chemical cleaners may be the solution. If you’ve tried these options and are still not seeing results, our Farmington Hills plumbers are here to help.

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