Scheduling yearly inspections is an important part of maintaining the systems in your Farmington Hills, MI home. Much like your electrical system and your HVAC unit, your plumbing can benefit from the trained eyes and seasoned hands of plumbing professionals. These annual service visits allow plumbers to identify small issues early on and correct them before they spiraled out of control. Read on to discover eight impressive benefits that regular plumbing inspections can provide.

1. Lower Your Plumbing Repair Costs

Early interventions for minor and still-developing issues can result in far less spending throughout the year on your end. During annual plumbing service, plumbers assess the integrity of pipes, appliances, fixtures, and connections. They look for slow and hidden leaks, and they measure and moderate water pressure. Scheduling a whole-house plumbing inspection now could mean spotting a hidden leak and resolving it while there’s little more than a small puddle to clean up. If you wait, this same issue could lead to costly drywall damage, baseboard damage, and problems with appliances, among other things.

2. Preserve the Value and Marketability of Your Home

There’s another benefit to catching and correcting minor problems early on: you can preserve the value and marketability of your home. Resolving a minor leak before any structural damage has occurred often means being able to list and sell your house without having to make any unfortunate disclosures. Although water damage restoration, mold remediation, and other reactive measures can bring your home back to a habitable condition following a major flood or backup event, proactively maintaining your plumbing instead will make your house a lot easier to sell. Few buyers are eager to invest in properties that have major and highly impactful plumbing issues in their pasts.

3. Maintain Compliance With the Terms of Your Warranty Agreements

Home insurance companies, home warranty companies, and product manufacturers all have one very important thing in common: they know that annual plumbing inspections can limit their spending, too. As such, they all make these inspections a key requirement of their policies and service agreements. If you have an active product warranty, home insurance plan, or home service agreement, failing to have your plumbing inspected each year could result in the related protections being voided. If a covered plumbing event such as a backup or flood ever occurs, submitting proof of professional plumbing maintenance could be essential for getting your claim approved.

It’s important to note that many home service agreements and home insurance plans actually include covered, annual maintenance service for plumbing systems. When this is the case, staying on top of the requirement for yearly plumbing inspections is as easy as finding a reputable provider and scheduling an appointment.

4. Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Annual plumbing inspections and routine plumbing maintenance will keep your house smelling fresh. During these visits, we can identify the need for drain cleaning service and apply the appropriate drain cleaning techniques. Removing drain blockages, restoring damaged toilet seals, and taking other measures to improve and repair aging fixtures can also eliminate bacteria and other pathogens that are responsible for foul plumbing smells.

5. Enjoy High-Functioning Drains and Fixtures

Are you tired of standing ankle-deep in gray water while taking a shower? Is the spray that your shower head emits ineffective and unsatisfying? Having your plumbing inspected is a great way to optimize the functionality of these and all the other plumbing features you rely on. Clearing out hard water blockages and unclogging slow-moving drains will give you the benefit of bathrooms that you actually enjoy being in.

In the case of slow-moving drains, timely plumbing service can also play a hand in reducing indoor humidity. With bathroom drains quickly emptying out, your exhaust fans and other venting measures will work faster and more effectively.

6. Lower Your Monthly Water Bills

If you have excessively high water pressure in your Farmington Hills home, much of the water that you’re paying for each month is probably slipping down your drains unused. High water pressure also subjects water-reliant appliances to a lot of undue wear and tear. Having a pressure reducing valve installed and taking other measures to limit ongoing water waste during your annual plumbing service can lower your monthly water bill and extend the lifespan of your dishwasher, washing machine, and more.

When slow and hidden leaks are identified during whole-house plumbing inspections, homeowners aren’t just sidestepping the high costs of extensive building repairs. They’re also lowering their overhead costs by limiting the amount of water that’s entering their houses throughout each billing period. If there’s a slow leak that’s currently damaging your flooring and drywall in an inconspicuous area, this same leak is also draining your bank account.

7. Plan Ahead for Essential Plumbing Replacements

Regular plumbing service also keeps homeowners abreast of impending replacements. Whether your home needs new fixtures, new appliances, or new pipes, you can find out in time to plan for these projects. As each element of your plumbing system nears the end of its lifespan, you’ll get updates from your plumber and can begin exploring your options in products. Planning for major upgrades in advance of the need for them is far less stressful than waiting for plumbing features to outright fail.

8. Discover the Latest and Most Efficient Plumbing Appliances

Whole-house plumbing inspections also give homeowners the opportunity to replace still-functioning fixtures and appliances with the goal of limiting their environmental impact and their ongoing costs. Your plumber can tell you all about the latest water-saving appliances and help you to choose upgrades that enhance the value and marketability of your residence. If you have water quality concerns, our plumbers can even help you to choose between a whole-house water filter and a water softening system. Not only do additions like these improve the quality and taste of tap water, but they also prevent hard water buildups and preserve the integrity of pipes.

9. Keep Building Residents Safe

Poorly maintained plumbing systems can have a significant impact on resident health. Slow and hidden leaks set the stage for mold development, indoor air quality concerns, and more. If you use a gas-fired water heater in your home, having it inspected annually as part of your yearly plumbing service will ensure that exhaust gases are being efficiently routed out of the property. Just as early interventions for problems like these reduce the costs of repairs, they also limit the likelihood of illness and contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant living environment overall.

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