Plumbing leaks can be one of the most frustrating issues that a homeowner can face. The source of some leaks can be spotted right away, while others may not be so obvious. The full scope of these less clearly sourced leaks is often not obvious until there is already significant damage to your home.

That is why it is important to get the help of a professional at the first sign of a plumbing leak. Calling in one of our team members is the first step towards finding the source of a leak, rectifying it, and taking steps to ensure that it does not come back.

Look out for the following signs of a leak, so that you can know if you should have a plumber from AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical come out to your Farmington Hills, MI, home.

1. Rising Water Bill

If you notice a sudden jump in the cost of your water bill, you should definitely take the time to determine the cause. Often, a spike can be connected to new appliances, a change in water consumption, or a price increase in your area. If you cannot attribute the cost increase to any of these potential factors, it can be a sign that you have a plumbing leak.

Leaks can contribute to an increase in your water bill, and fixing the problem can get more expensive as it worsens. If the reason for your bill increase cannot be attributed to other factors, have a member of our trusted team at AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical inspect your home for plumbing leaks.

2. Visible Mildew or Mold

If there is a water leak in your plumbing system, there is a good chance that mildew or mold will develop. A leak increases the moisture level in your home, creating an environment that is ideal for mold and mildew to thrive. Mold can manifest itself as black or green spots on the ceilings or walls of your home.

You may also notice a musty smell. There can also be an increase in health issues in the household, such as allergies, watery eyes, sneezing, and runny noses. If you are experiencing any of the telltale signs of mold or mildew growth in your home, one of our specialists can determine if a leak is the culprit.

3. Foundational Cracks

It is not unusual for cracks to develop in the foundation of your home. Cracks can come from normal wear and tear or as your house settles. However, if there is a sudden crack that continues to widen, this can be a sign of a leak that is undermining your foundation. If you notice such a crack, getting immediate professional help is imperative to prevent sinkage and further damage to doors, windows, and floors.

4. Reduction in Water Pressure

If you notice a significant drop in water pressure when you are taking a shower, there is a chance that there is a blockage in the plumbing. There is also the possibility that there could be a rupture or a pipe leak. It is difficult to say what exactly the problem is without having it checked out by a plumber.

5. Rusty Pipes

If you have moved into an old house that does not have updated pipes, the plumbing system is typically made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel eventually tends to develop rust, which can lead to pipes that leak. If you are in an older home and there is any exposed pipe, have a look at it for any signs of stains, discoloration, flaking, or visible rust. Any of these are indications of corrosion. Even if your pipes are not leaking yet from this corrosion, there is a chance that it could over time.

6. Strange Sounds

It is not abnormal to hear a few bangs in your pipes. This is especially typical at night as the air in your system settles. There are some sounds, however, that could indicate a potential leak.

Some of these sounds include:

  • Rattling
  • Vibrating
  • Hissing
  • Bubbling

When you hear a rattling or vibration noise, it can often point to a loose fit in your system, which can result in a leak. If there is a bubbling sound in your toilet or sink, there is a good chance of a leak. A hissing sound could simply mean that your water pressure is too high, or it could be air getting into a leaky, cracked pipe.

7. Damage to Walls or Flooring

If your drywall is becoming soft or cracks are developing in it, this is likely due to a leak. Another way that damage can happen to a wall is if there is a leak and a wall is comprised of sheetrock. When sheetrock absorbs too much moisture, it will bend and curve, leading your wall to become warped.

As far as flooring throughout your house, if there is warping, stains, or soft spots on your bathroom floor, this indicates that there is a pipe leak underneath. Pipe leaks underneath the floor can also cause carpeted areas to become moist or musty. If there is a pipe leak underneath the floor in the kitchen, the caulking in the tiles may begin to peel or crack.

8. Ceilings

If you notice a dark spot or a yellowish-brown stain on your ceiling, this is a pretty clear indication of a leak. This can be due to rain getting in through the roof, or it could be from a plumbing leak. If you notice spots or stains and it is not the rainy season, it is most likely the plumbing. If a leak of this sort is not addressed quickly, a water pool can develop, which will leave you with a ceiling that sags. In worst-case scenarios, the ceiling could potentially collapse. Even in less serious instances where the water does evaporate, you are left with aesthetically unappealing discoloration.

9. Damaged Wallpaper or Paint

A pipe leak can cause excess moisture to seep into the cavity of a wall. After a while, you may notice the paint bubbling or drooping. If you have wallpaper up, it may begin to become discolored or peel off. Once it is at the point that you are noticing this happening to your wall, there has likely been a leak for some time.

Your Farmington Plumbing Leak Specialists

If you have gone through your home and found any of these signs of a plumbing leak, it is time to call in the team at AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. We are a fourth-generation plumbing company that is dedicated to providing exemplary service to the Farmington Hills community as well as homeowners in the surrounding areas.

Our plumbing expertise does not just end with leak detection and repair. We offer a wide range of plumbing services, from water filtration to sump pumps. Our company takes the stress out of figuring out who to call when something is going wrong with your home by bringing you full heating, cooling, and electrical services as well. Ask us about our drain cleaning services, too!

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