Can Tree Roots Damage Gas Lines?

April 5, 2024

Taking care of the trees in your yard is an integral part of keeping your home safe and beautiful. Trimming and removing weak or dead… View Article

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The Most Important Qualities to Look For When Hiring an Electrician

March 12, 2024

Working with electrical wiring is a complex, intricate, and hazardous task. A qualified and professional electrician is necessary for any job involving your home’s electricity…. View Article

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Is a Toilet Leak Considered an Emergency?

March 5, 2024

If left unchecked, a leaking toilet can cause significant water damage, but is it truly an emergency that requires immediate attention? There are a few… View Article

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Should I Replace my 20-Year-Old Furnace?

March 1, 2024

With winter temperatures as low as 16 degrees Fahrenheit, you need a reliable and efficient way to heat your Farmington Hills, MO home. Among the… View Article

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Are Tankless Water Heaters Better Than Tanked?

February 12, 2024

Purchasing a new water heater can be a significant financial investment. However, a good water heater can last more than ten years with proper maintenance…. View Article

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Common Furnace Issues That Can Be Avoided With Routine Maintenance

February 9, 2024

As the cold weather sets in, you will probably use your furnace more to keep your house warm. This is an opportune time to maintain… View Article

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Spring Is Near! Spruce Up Your Backyard With Garden Lighting

February 5, 2024

The arrival of spring means a lot of things, including warmer weather and the ability to spend more time in the backyard. For many homeowners,… View Article

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Is It Normal For My Water Heater To Smell Like Gas?

January 30, 2024

Gas water heaters are extremely effective and cost less to operate than electric water heaters. The one main issue with having a gas water heater… View Article

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Benefits of At-Home EV Charging

January 18, 2024

With the rise in popularity of EVs, public charging stations are becoming more widespread. It isn’t too hard to find an EV charging station, especially… View Article

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8 Common Indoor Air Pollutants and How to Combat Them

January 11, 2024

Your HVAC air filter does a good job of minimizing the amount of large-sized contaminants floating around your Farmington Hills, MI, home. Even standard air… View Article

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