Summers in Farmington Hills, MI are warm and humid. Although outside temperatures rarely rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the moisture-heavy air can still feel hot. Having a functional air conditioner is essential for keeping everyone in your home comfortably cool. For aging adults, infants, and those with compromised health or immunity, it’s also a matter of safety. Read on to discover nine solid reasons why you should have your air conditioner tuned up before summer arrives.

1. You’ll Spend Less on Summertime Cooling

Annual AC tune-up service keeps air conditioners running efficiently. During these visits, HVAC technicians inspect and clean:

  • Evaporator and condenser coils
  • AC condensate drains
  • Refrigerant lines
  • Blower motors and blower fans

These and many other efforts help chilled refrigerants absorb heat, support effective humidity release, and limit overall AC stress. Many of the tasks performed during tune-up services also optimize airflow. This way, air conditioners can get more done in less time and with less energy. According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), even simply replacing a dirty HVAC air filter can cut AC-related energy use by as much as 15%. Imagine just how much more can be accomplished with a professional tune-up.

2. Prevent Home Cooling Emergencies

Ill-maintained air conditioners have a much greater likelihood of breaking down than ACs that are well-cared for. If you don’t have your AC professionally maintained before summer arrives, you could be left without cooling during a time of temperature extremes.

Although Farmington Hills doesn’t often see triple-digit temperatures, such heat waves aren’t unheard of. Having hotter-than-normal weather roll in when your home lacks air conditioning will place everyone in the building at risk of heat-related illnesses like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and severe dehydration.

3. Protect and Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Among the best ways to protect your indoor air quality (IAQ) is scheduling annual AC maintenance. Having your AC tuned-up in the springtime will give your IAQ a much-needed boost before you start using this appliance on a daily basis.

You won’t have to worry about trapped debris breaking free and being distributed throughout your home. With optimum air filtration and excellent humidity control, your home will feel cleaner and cooler, and you won’t contend with warm-weather problems like mildew and mold.

4. Extend the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner

Annual AC tune-up service extends the lifespans of air conditioners. Not only do these services limit stress by optimizing airflow, but they also give HVAC technicians the chance to identify and address developing issues. If your air conditioner was having problems when you last turned it off, these same problems will exist when you turn it back on in the coming cooling season.

Whether worn electrical contacts, refrigerant leaks, or damaged coils, small and developing issues can quickly spiral out of control when AC use is resumed. For instance, minor but progressive refrigerant leaks can result in outright equipment failure if homeowners run their units until AC compressors shut down or collapse.

5. Enjoy Quieter AC Operation

The cleanup that we do at the exterior and interior of air conditioners during AC tune-up service promotes quieter AC performance. Diagnosing and correcting small or hidden problems helps as well. Although all air conditioners grow noisy near the ends of their lifespans, even older ACs can offer unobtrusive performance if they’re properly cared for. Correcting problems like bent fan blades and loose bolts, lubricating moving parts, and performing other sound-dampening measures will prevent loud thumping, grinding, whirring, or humming sounds each time your AC cycles on.

6. Keep Up With the Requirements of Your AC Manufacturer’s Warranty

AC manufacturer warranties cover the costs of AC replacements and repairs when the treated problems are the result of faulty assembly, defective parts, or other manufacturing-related issues.

When major problems arise, these warranties can prove quite handy. However, equipment manufacturer warranties are always mutually binding agreements. AC manufacturers will only pay for covered repairs if homeowners perform specific maintenance tasks. Among these are regularly changing air filters and scheduling annual, professional tune-up services.

Scheduling annual AC tune-up services each spring will keep you warranty-compliant. It will also give you a clear and shareable record of service if summertime problems occur.

7. Avoid Unpleasant, Last-Minute Surprises

There’s nothing quite so frustrating as trying to turn your air conditioner on only to discover that your thermostat has gone out. These small and often overlooked components govern the operations of HVAC systems. If they aren’t working, heaters and air conditioners can’t kick into action. During annual AC maintenance, we inspect, test, and calibrate these devices. As needed, we also replace or repair them.

A damaged thermostat isn’t the only thing that can take your AC out of commission at the start of summer. Time itself is a common culprit. If your air conditioner is 15 years or older, there’s always the chance that it won’t restart after its last, seasonal period of dormancy. Although your aging air conditioner may have worked just fine in prior years, it still has a finite service life. Scheduling AC maintenance in spring will ensure that age-related failure doesn’t catch you off guard at the worst possible time.

8. Take Care of Important IAQ Improvements

While AC tune-up service increases the efficiency of AC units, routine filter changes keep them that way. According to the DOE, homeowners can get the best performance by changing their air filters every one to two months. However, recommendations for filter changes vary greatly from source to source. Even simply finding the right air filter type for individual HVAC systems or unique IAQ needs can prove challenging.

With a springtime AC tune-up, you can get help upgrading your filter and establishing the right filter change schedule for your home. You can additionally learn about and take advantage of integrated IAQ accessories like whole-house dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air purifiers, and air scrubbers. If someone in your household typically suffers from frequent allergy attacks during the hot season, making IAQ improvements before summer arrives is essential.

9. Use Your Air Conditioner Guilt-Free

Pre-season AC maintenance saves homeowners money. With springtime maintenance, you’ll pay less to run your air conditioner and less to repair it over time. You’ll also keep your air conditioner running a lot longer while enjoying cleaner, fresher air and reduced AC noise.

But you should additionally account for the impact that these services have on your carbon footprint. Even though air conditioners don’t directly use natural gas or other combustible fuels, it often takes emission-producing fuels to produce electricity.

Inefficient air conditioners take a greater-than-necessary toll on the natural environment with greater-than-necessary electricity demands. Taking good care of your cooling equipment and consciously lowering your carbon footprint will allow you to use your AC guilt-free.

We’re committed to helping homeowners maintain safe, comfortable, and healthy homes. Proudly serving Farmington Hills, MI since 1925, we offer exceptional HVAC, electrical, and plumbing services. We also provide cutting-edge IAQ solutions. To prime your AC for the summer months, contact AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical today to schedule an AC tune-up service.

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