Has the Time Arrived to Replace a Garbage Disposal Unit?

Garbage disposal makes things easier for those wishing to keep their kitchen clean and orderly since it may prevent kitchen rubbish cans from overflowing. Unfortunately, as much as homeowners and apartment renters wish garbage disposals never suffered from any problems, the disposal units may stop working one day. Parts wear out, and other issues arise, leaving someone wondering what to do.

Sometimes, the issue could be minor, and a quick fix will suffice. Other times, the problem might be more complicated to address, raising questions about whether to repair or replace the unit. Looking closely at the underlying troubles may answer whether buying a new garbage disposal is advisable.

The Disposal Doesn’t Work

When you flip the switch on the garbage disposal, and nothing happens, troubleshooting might be necessary. There could be something very seriously wrong, or the problem could be minor, such as a bottle cap or chicken bone jamming the blades. In those instances, expect the garbage disposal to make a distinct sound as if it is struggling to operate. A person who knows how to remove obstructions safely could solve things immediately. An apartment resident may ask the complex’s maintenance team to fix the problem. A mishap with garbage disposal could cause injuries. That’s not a risk worth dismissing.

Sometimes, the circuit breaker associated with the garbage disposal trips, as will be the case with an electrical overload. Finding and pressing the reset button could restore the system to working order, provided the power cord is plugged into the outlet. Sometimes, these units get unplugged by mistake.

Repeated resets could be a bad sign. If someone continually relies on the reset button to start garbage disposal, the unit may be in its final stages of life. There may quickly come a time when the reset button won’t work. So, if you constantly try to reset the garbage unit, maybe buying a new one would be advisable.

Age Catches Up with the Disposal Unit

Mechanical parts wear out as the years pass. Continuous use also plays a role in the wear-down process. A model may last ten years, give or take two years, or it might work fine for 15 years and then gives out. Research may be necessary to determine how old a specific model is. If the owner discovers a particular disposal model typically lasts ten years, replacing it once the 10-year mark arrives might be the right move, especially when the unit starts to malfunction or display other problems.

There’s another point worth noting. Newer models could be more efficient, which means less energy waste and better performance. Keeping an older disposal in place might be fine if it still works, but there could be other drawbacks to retaining the unit.

Leaks and Other Concerns

Again, age does not work in a garbage disposal’s favor. The various components could crack from age and wear and tear, and the unit could spring leaks because of perforations. Therefore, patching leaks will not likely work, and purchasing and installing a new unit may be advisable.

Be mindful that leaking garbage disposal could present more problems than someone initially realizes. For example, someone may slip on a wet floor, or the dampness might cause mold to grow. Replacing an old garbage disposal may prevent these troubling situations.

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Foul Smells

Foul smells coming from a garbage disposal opening are not uncommon. If food is not washed down the drain and into the sewer lines, expect the organic refuse to break down and the resulting bacteria to give off smells.

Taking steps to clean out the garbage disposal or address the problem could be sufficient. However, when all the best efforts to eliminate the stench does nothing, take that as a sign a more severe issue could be causing the odor. Namely, there may be food particles jammed in the system that won’t lodge free.

Repeated clogs are another sign of a severe problem with the system. Someone may try to run enough water down the drain to get the broken-up pieces to disappear, but they don’t go away, and neither does the clog.

More food particles may build on top of clogs, meaning the smell will only worsen. When problems like this arise, the problem could be the unit’s inefficiency and degraded performance. So, replacing the garbage disposal might be the only way to eliminate foul smells and other issues.

Strange Sounds

A garbage disposal could give off odd sounds when the switch turns on. There could be any number of reasons why the unit makes noises. Again, something stuck in the system might result in blades that can’t spin, leading to weird “struggling” sounds.

However, worn-out or otherwise troubled motor bearings could be the source of those odd sounds. If the motor bearings degrade significantly, the garbage disposal unit has probably reached its endpoint. Replacing motor bearings seems costly and wasteful, as replacing the entire team with a newer one would result in owning a model with practical motor bearings and other brand-new parts. And if there’s anything wrong with those parts, an upgrade would likely come with a warranty. The warranty covers repairs or replacement for issues explicitly described in the contract.

Inefficient Performance

It is far from unreasonable to expect the garbage disposal to do its job correctly each time someone flips on the power switch. The blades should chop up any organic refuse thrown down the drain, but they might not spin faster or hard enough to achieve that result. Sometimes, people put things down the drain that they shouldn’t, which could lead to the unit’s inefficient performance or outright premature demise.

No matter the reason, when it appears evident that the garbage disposal is not disposing of anything, it may be past the point of replacing the unit.

A Professional Inspection

When there are problems with the garbage disposal, a homeowner might only guess what the problem is. The person might not even realize a slow-draining sink results from clogs in the disposal unit. A plumber could check the garbage disposal and determine the problem. Sometimes, a quick fix could solve things. Or, the plumber might note the disposal unit requires replacing. The plumber could handle removing and disposing of the old unit and replacing it with one that works.

Homeowners should seek a fix to the problem quickly. After all, aging or damaged garbage disposal troubles won’t disappear or solve themselves. In addition, the concerns with the unit might lead to inconveniences or worse if not repaired or replaced.

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