A sump pump is a mechanical system to detect water levels and pressure and moves the incoming water outside your basement. As such, some noises occur when it runs at your Farmington Hills, Michigan home. Knowing the everyday noises of your sump pump will indicate if you need a technician to inspect the pump for damages.

Understanding Normal Sump Pump Noise

When your sump pump moves water through the pipe, it must first push out air creating a burping sound. The loud burping sound indicates the pump is starting up and is working as it should. Other noises include a low hum, a light clang at the beginning of a cycle and gurgling.

Higher-quality sump pumps with precision configured components and adequately lubricated often produce less noise. On the other hand, a less expensive unit may make more noise, especially as air escapes from the system. However, just because a cheaper system is a little bit louder does not mean it is not functioning correctly or needs replacement.

If your pump is making more noise now than it did in the past, it could indicate failing sump pump materials, a damaged pump, or an issue with its design. In these cases, you will want to talk to the technicians at AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical. We can help you identify some steps you can take to reduce noise or vibration.

Why Is Your Sump Pump Making Loud Vibrating Noises?

Your sump pump may be making loud vibrations because the pump is misaligned, the drive shaft could be bent or imbalanced, or something could have damaged the impeller veins. Noisy vibrations occur if there is a cocked or damaged bearing or if there is not sufficient piping to support nozzle loading.

Vibration noise increases with improper installation or foundation issues, such as inadequate tiedown bolts, poor grouting, defective baseplate material, or inadequate baseplate rigidity. In addition, your sump pump may create louder noises if there is a problem with the internal locking connecting the baseplate to the foundation.

These frustrating issues are not things that homeowners can solve on their own. However, the experienced technicians at AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical can identify the reason for the loud vibrations coming from your sump pump. We can provide practical solutions to get your unit working as it should.

Some of the solutions our technicians might employ could include wrapping the pipe with insulation to dampen the noise when the basin or wall comes into contact with the pipe. In addition, rubber grommets could be used on the underside of the sump pump lid to reduce motor rattling or vibration sounds.

At times, the angles of joints in the discharge line are excessive, leading to clinking and vibration. Straightening discharge pipes allow water to flow quietly and freely.

Reasons Why Your Sump Pump Is Making a Loud Gurgling Noise

Your sump pump will make a gurgling noise as the water flows through the pipes during the discharge phase. Gurgling is more common when the sump pump uses a standard check valve. Excessive gurgling could indicate that the check valve needs attention.

Gurgling noise could indicate a leak in your sump pump line. You will want to have this severe issue inspected by professional technicians.

If a sump pump is below water, it could start to make a gurgling noise. Our technicians may be able to address this by installing a point of the discharge pipe or a check valve. A technician can release the air trapped inside the lines to fix gurgling noise issues.

A Loud Banging or Thumping Noise

If your pipes are not insulated or adequately covered, you may hear a loud clanging or thumping noise. Metalic clanking can happen when the sump pump pipes hit surrounding lines or walls inside the pump basin.

If your sump pump lid does not have rubber stoppers under them to dampen the noise as water flows through your pipes, the vibrations will lead to loud banging noises. Please don’t ignore these noises, as they indicate that the sump pump is not operating according to manufacturer specifications.

If your sump pump is an older model, the loud thumping noise could indicate that it has worn-out parts and needs replacing. Our technicians at AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical can immediately evaluate your system and advise you on how to fix the issue and minimize the noise before it becomes a bigger problem.

You Hear a Loud Clanking Noise

A clanking sound could indicate that your sump pump is in its last days and needs to be updated. Also, it could indicate dirty water in your pipes because it has too many leaves or debris. Try cleaning up around the area to see if this fixes the issue.

Some simple fixes include using rubber stoppers on the pump lid or having a switch attached so that the pump stops running just before the basin is empty. If these fixes don’t work, the pump may have been improperly installed and will require professionals to redo the work.

Dealing with a Noisy Sump Pump Motor

A sump pump made from plastic or PVC will be much louder than those made from cast iron. Plastic is louder because cast iron and newer models have self-lubricating motors designed to run quietly. If you have a cast iron sump pump and still hear a lot of noise, talk to our technicians about mounting the motor on rubber pads to prevent it from contacting the floor.

Try to listen to where the pipes meet up and see if there is any noise coming out of them. If you hear a gurgling or bubbling sound, this could mean that air has gotten inside one of the pipes and needs to be released. If your sump pump motor is more than 30 years old, it will probably reach the end of its life and need replacement.

In addition to reducing annoying sounds, replacing an old sump pump motor with a newer one will improve water flow rates through your pipes. However, if you feel that your sump pump motor has reached the point where it needs attention, talk to our technicians. Let us recommend quiet sump pump motors.

Working with Farmington Hills Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC Experts

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Our services include HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance. We can service, install, and repair water heaters, garbage disposals, sump pumps, and water filtration systems. Trust us to install whole home surge protection, outlets, and ceiling fans, do electrical repairs and perform electrical panel replacement. Contact AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical today to see why we have been a trusted name in residential and commercial maintenance for decades.

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