8 Ways to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

As the temperatures start to rise and summer approaches, it’s important to make sure that your air conditioning system is in tip-top shape. Doing maintenance on your AC unit now can save you time and money later on. After all, no one wants their air conditioner to break down in the middle of a hot summer day! Here’s what you need to know to get your AC unit ready for summer.

1. Clean or Replace Your Air Filter

Accumulated dirt, dust, and other debris on air filters can impede the proper flow of air in a home or business. It also impacts the efficiency of the system and can cause possible airflow-related problems such as frozen coils and other mechanical issues. An HVAC professional typically inspects the existing filter, but sometimes replacement is necessary depending upon its condition.

Cleaning is done using specific chemicals recommended for an HVAC system, which will clear away built-up contaminants and refresh the filter’s integrity. Replacing a filter means taking measurements to ensure it fits properly, along with an accurate measurement of the overall ductwork size. Completing these critical steps gives your family or employees peace of mind that their space is comfortable while safely energy-efficient throughout summertime heat waves.

2. Vacuum the Coils on the Exterior Unit

Vacuuming the coils on the exterior unit of your AC system is a key component of ensuring the smooth and effective performance of your home’s climate control system. The coils on an exterior unit are responsible for taking heat away from your house. Essentially, they act as a radiator that takes heat away rather than giving it off as hot air. Therefore, any damage to these vital components could significantly reduce their effectiveness. That’s why professional maintenance technicians recommend vacuuming these coils twice a year.

When vacuuming the exterior unit, professionals use special brushes, which remove caked-on dirt and debris that collect over time and can cause blockages, which reduces airflow. They also use specialized cleansers designed to get rid of any remaining grime without damaging the surface of the coils. This careful combination helps to ensure not only that your home stays comfortable during those sweltering summer months but also that you don’t have to worry about any serious mechanical failures due to neglecting important preventive maintenance tasks!

3. Clear Any Debris From Around the Exterior Unit

Clearing debris from around the exterior unit of your air conditioner is an important step in summer maintenance. Without doing this, the exterior unit may not function as efficiently as it should and make your system struggle to cool effectively. The job of the exterior unit is to transfer heat during residential central cooling operations.

If any type of material like leaves or other outdoor items blocks the flow of air over the outdoor coil, it can place a strain on the system, affecting its efficiency and longevity. Make sure you keep a clear area around your outdoor AC unit by raking up leaves, sweeping away dirt and debris buildup, trimming back any branches or vegetation that might be hanging too close, and generally keeping the area tidy throughout the summer season.

4. Inspect the Refrigerant Lines for Leaks and Damage

The refrigerant lines are crucial for both cooling and heating systems since they transfer the heat-carrying refrigerants between components, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable in your home all year. If a leak or excessive damage is found in these lines, it must be taken care of promptly before any further harm is done to your system. A professional technician should check and repair any issues with the refrigerant lines to ensure maximum efficiency and proper functioning of the system. With this simple step, you can be sure that the air conditioning system in your house will cool it efficiently during those hot summer months without fail.

5. Check the Electrical Wiring

Ensuring the electrical wiring of your AC unit is in good condition can make all the difference when it comes to staying cool in the summer. Faulty or damaged electrical wiring can lead to decreased energy efficiency and cause a breakdown of your system sooner rather than later. It’s important to check the wiring regularly so that you can spot any potential warning signs before they become bigger problems, such as loose connections, worn insulation, exposed wires, or frayed cords. If you notice anything unusual while performing this maintenance checklist, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced professional for help.

6. Check to Make Sure All Registers Are Open and Unobstructed

Registers work to draw in cool air from the outside and vent heat produced by the cooling process outside. Obstructions can prevent air from entering or leaving a home properly, rendering your air conditioning system insufficient at best and causing potential system damage at worst. Carefully inspect your registers to make sure they’re clear of furniture, decorations, drapery, and any other items that could be preventing an unimpeded flow of air throughout your space. Taking care to keep these areas accessible will ensure more efficient cooling throughout the hot summer season and save you time, money, and stress in costly repairs down the line.

7. Maximize Your Cooling Power

Without taking the necessary measures to care for your AC system, it can easily become exhausted due to frequent use. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make sure your air conditioner is working properly when temperatures begin to soar. To maximize your cooling efficiency and ensure AC longevity, invest in quality window coverings like sun-blocking shades that can keep out excess heat. Be diligent about keeping them closed throughout the day, too.

Additionally, fans can help circulate cool air faster and more efficiently than running only an AC unit all day. Make sure to reverse the direction of any ceiling fan blades so that they turn clockwise; this will push cool air down rather than up into the rafters where it won’t do as much good.

8. Consider Upgrading Your AC

An upgrade might include switching out an old, inefficient model for one with advanced energy-saving features such as variable speed fan motors or better components designed for improved airflow. Professional maintenance will also guarantee your current system remains working optimally so that you aren’t wasting energy or facing a surprise breakdown when you need it most. Be proactive this season and think ahead by adding air conditioning upgrades to your summer prep maintenance checklist!

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