Benefits of Installing a Whole-home Surge Protection System

Your home experiences power surges more often than you think. These dangerous bursts of energy can harm your valuable appliances and electronics without efficient surge protection. Individual surge protectors are only able to protect the appliances plugged into them. However, buying one for each outlet can be tedious, difficult and overly expensive. These devices will also eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Investing in whole-home surge protection is the safest way to protect your property and family.

Learning About Residential Power Surges

A power surge occurs when there is a short but powerful voltage increase in your home’s electrical circuit. These waves of “overvoltage” can cause serious damage to your sensitive electronics, wearing down their efficiency over time. While these surges can be caused by external factors like thunderstorms or power company issues, most of them come from inside your home.

Turning on larger appliances like microwaves, washing machines and even your HVAC system may cause a power surge through your electrical system. Other common causes include bad wiring, tripped circuit breakers, power outages and downed power lines. When a power surge runs through your wiring, it causes your electronics to exceed their safe operating voltages. This can lead to a shorter lifespan when the small and fragile components within your electronics are damaged. Power surges can also harm your wiring, increasing the risk of a deadly home fire.

Store-bought surge protectors guard your belongings by redirecting that sudden voltage increase into grounding wires. These protectors often look like power strips but come with additional measures that safeguard your belongings. Not every power strip has surge protection features. Many of these devices only act as extension cords to increase how many items you can plug into one socket. It’s important to check the cord’s energy absorption capabilities and joules rating.

A whole-home surge protection system utilizes a similar grounding system that centers around returning the voltage to your electrical panel. Installing a whole-home system ensures that every outlet, appliance and electronic in your home is protected while plugged in. By counting on a professional to install this system, you guarantee that you’re receiving high-quality, up-to-code workmanship that shields your household and home.

Whole-home System Benefits

The surge protectors you buy from the store can only protect against so much energy. These devices can still become overwhelmed during a particularly dangerous electrical emergency. They also have limited plugs, making it inevitable for some devices to remain unprotected.

Whole-home surge protection will ensure that your expensive electronics and appliances are effectively secure. Check out these amazing benefits of professionally installing a quality surge protection system in your home today.

Variety of Options

These whole-home systems are available in a variety of power options. Not every power surge carries the same amount of energy. Some surges may be more powerful than others, rendering your store-bought protectors unhelpful. Your unique home needs surge protection that fits with when and how it was built.

Rather than relying on potentially faulty, low-quality options from the store, you can instead buy a system customized to fit your needs. You won’t have to deal with excessive cords tripping you up or becoming damaged by furniture. Surge protection systems also often come with valuable warranties that can help you with the cost of any repairs and replacements in the future.

Protects Every Room

Whole-home surge protection will protect every room and floor of your home. When you first turn on your electric furnace for the season, your surge protector will securely redirect the excess energy flow away from your other electronics. You’ll no longer have to worry about running out of protected outlets in the home. Investing in this system can also extend the lifespan of the sensitive circuitry in your TVs, game consoles, kitchen appliances and more.

Professionally Installed

Professional electricians can layer your home’s surge protection system. This allows excess energy from any room to be directed back to your electrical panel’s grounding wires. Layering is especially helpful if you have valuable entertainment systems or gaming areas in certain areas of the home. A surge can affect all of the electronics on one circuit, causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Your electrician can even install several surge protection systems based on your energy usage and home size.

Lowers Fire Risk

After one too many power surges, your home’s electrical wiring could become damaged. Surges can lead to a phenomenon called electronic rust that destroys the integrity and usefulness of the wire. This increases your chances of fire and puts your family at risk. Whole-home surge protectors prevent large power surges from entering the home entirely. You can count on these systems to serve as an additional layer of protection against blackouts, brownouts, downed power lines and other malfunctions originating from your local power company.

Reduces Electrical Maintenance Needs

Your home needs up-to-date, efficient wiring to keep up with your family’s daily schedule. Constant internal power surges break down the integrity of your wires, outlets, appliances and even light switches. All of this damage results in more frequent electrical issues. You may have to call for regular electrical repairs during the year or prematurely replace expensive fixtures. Leaving your belongings unprotected against power surges dramatically lowers their lifespan. Investing in whole-home surge protection is an investment in both your safety and future budget.

Provides Peace of Mind

Individual power surge protectors can’t provide nearly as much protection as whole-home options. You’ll feel safer in your home when you trust experienced experts with your electrical needs. With regular maintenance, you can count on your whole-home system to protect your property for years. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your family is at a lower risk of home fires, accidental sparking and dangerous shocks.

Professional Electrical Protection

Store-bought surge protectors are not enough to protect your home. It’s never a good idea to attempt to connect several of these devices together for more coverage as you may overload your circuits. If you frequently struggle with tripped circuit breakers or broken appliances, call for professional electrical help.

The average homeowner doesn’t have the skills, training or tools to safely handle the home’s many electrical needs. Attempting to create a DIY surge protection system could put your family in danger. When you invest in professional electrical service, you’re guaranteeing a superior experience. You’ll be given access to the best surge protection systems on the market. Bring all of your residential electrical concerns to the experts that can handle them.

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