The idea of performing plumbing work on your own can be a tempting one. However, many plumbing tasks should be handled by professionals because of difficulty and safety concerns. It’s possible that attempting to repair a plumbing problem could result in more significant and costlier issues.

Plumbing Projects You Can Complete Yourself

When it comes to plumbing systems, the majority of projects need to be performed by professional plumbers. Plumbers know the codes to keep things safe and have the tools and training to ensure that projects are completed effectively to last for decades. However, there are a couple of smaller projects that you could do without any outside help.

Replacing a Showerhead

A simple and straightforward plumbing project involves replacing a malfunctioning shower head. When a shower head isn’t working properly, it can produce inconsistent or low water pressure. In most cases, the only thing that needs to be done to remove a shower head is to turn it counterclockwise. Most new shower heads come with tape that helps seal the item while it’s being replaced. This also allows you to try different showerheads with features like massagers or LED lights to show that the water is hot.

Snaking a Clogged Drain

Most drains will eventually become clogged. The solution to this issue can be as simple as pouring a cleaning solution down the drain. In other situations, the p-trap will need to be removed from the drain. The snake you use for this project can be placed into the drain hole, after which it should be able to remove any obstructions.

Keep in mind, however, that unclogging a drain can be considerably more challenging. If the clog is more severe or is present in a difficult-to-reach area of the piping, it’s highly recommended that you seek plumbing services to fix the problem.

Plumbing Projects You Should Never Attempt

If you’re having any issues with your plumbing system, professional plumbing services may be necessary to mitigate the amount of damage that occurs. Even small leaks can lead to extensive damage in a home.

While performing small plumbing fixes is possible, these issues could worsen without assistance from a professional. More serious types of damage should never be repaired without a plumber.

Fixing a Gas Leak

Although rare, it’s possible for a natural gas leak to occur, which is an issue that can be tended to by a plumber. Gas leaks are hazardous to human health. If you notice a rotten egg smell, make sure to evacuate your home until the issue has been dealt with. Because of the amount of danger that exists with a gas leak, you shouldn’t try to fix the problem on your own.

Stubborn Sewer Line or Drain Clogs

While clogged drains can be fixable without professional plumbing assistance, the solutions mentioned previously are only temporary. For instance, drain cleaners can clear up many clogs in a drain. However, these chemicals will also corrode the material in your pipes over time.

The same is true with snakes. Even though a plumbing snake is effective on a short-term basis, the equipment that’s used by professionals is considerably more efficient. The most difficult clog to fix is one that occurs in a sewer line. Most homeowners don’t have easy access to these lines. It’s common for special machinery to be used to unclog them.

Flooding Issues

If you notice a blockage in your pipes, it’s possible that this issue has been caused by flooding. You may believe that the fix for this problem is as easy as removing the clog or buildup. However, clogs that occur further down the pipes may be inaccessible to you regardless of the type of equipment you use. Attempting to get to this area could lead to damaged pipes and more flooding. It’s also possible for flooding to be caused by invading tree roots. Correcting this problem requires the help of an experienced plumber.

Plumbing Appliance Installation

Installing plumbing appliances is often times dangerous because of the need to handle electricity. If you’ve purchased a new water heater and want to have it installed, these systems use as much as 240 volts of electricity for installation.

All issues with plumbing appliances should also be addressed by a professional. While some maintenance is easy, this process can be a challenging one. Just one mistake can result in the system being damaged.

Correcting Bad Smells

If a plumbing system has been backed up or damaged in some way, you may begin to smell bad odors in your home. While it’s understandable that you would want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible, contacting a plumber is your best option. If a bad odor is the result of a plumbing issue, it may be caused by bacteria that are feeding on the clogs in your pipes.

The substances that are flushed down a drain can accumulate on the sides of the pipes and form a thin biofilm. When a plumbing system fails, the bad odors might also seep out of your home’s vents. The solution to this problem usually requires the pipes to be taken apart and cleaned, which can be done in less than a day by a professional.

Dealing with Frozen Pipes

During the cold winter months, pipes are more at risk of freezing, which can lead to issues with running water and burst pipes. These pipes may thaw out on their own once temperatures rise. Until then, however, the possibility of burst pipes is high.

The repeated process of freezing and thawing may eventually weaken the pipes enough for them to burst. If this problem occurs on a regular basis, a professional plumber should look at the pipes to determine if there’s another source of this issue.

Modifying Your Home’s Plumbing System

Are you thinking of extending your hot water lines or rerouting a plumbing pipe? If so, any changes that are made to a plumbing system should be performed by a certified plumber.

The plumber will inspect your Farmington Hills, MI home to ensure that it accommodates the modifications. This individual will then see if the changes in question adhere to local plumbing regulations and standards. If the changes aren’t allowed by local code guidelines, certified plumbers can provide recommendations on how to achieve the same goal with a different technique.

When you notice a leak in your home or find that a drain has been clogged, our knowledgeable plumbers can provide you with the right fix. Our plumbing services at AJ Danboise Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical cover every plumbing appliance that can be installed in a home. The primary areas we focus on include water heaters, water filtration systems, sump pumps, garbage disposals, and drain cleaning.

If you believe your water heater or sump pump needs to be replaced, we can install a new unit for you. We also offer a wide selection of electrical services that include everything from whole-home surge protection to ceiling fan installation. Call us today to schedule our plumbing services when you have a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed.

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